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Staff Profile: Magic Nick

Posted by: Next Digital  |  Jul 15, 2015

Nick Morrill is Next Digital's best magician. He does incredible card tricks, and often makes computer network issues disappear! He is always trying new magic tricks on someone in the office. The next time you see Nick, ask him to show you the fire trick!

Nick started working for Next Digital in 2013, after he graduated from NAIT’s DMIT and CNA programs. His interest in working for Next Digital came from the presentation Next Digital did to the NAIT students and he was so impressed he just had to work here.  He works in our Edmonton office as a Tech Centre Analyst. 

Nick also enjoys Anime, his favorite show is Code Geass. His favorite video game is the original Max Payne, and also enjoys League of Legends. Nick plays Curling, and Ultimate Frisbee (he was even on the University of Alberta team) and recently switched to Dodgeball.

Nick also enjoys 3D modeling and digital art, you can view his artwork online at www.imakethingspretty.ca