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What is ‘the Cloud’ & how can it help me?

Posted by: Next Digital  |  Jul 29, 2015

As the exponential growth in technology plows ahead, a confusing landscape littered with buzz words, acronyms, and marketing claims can be found in its wake.  


One buzzword that has many confused is the Cloud. 


“So what is the Cloud, and why should I bother to learn about this technology?” 


The simple answer to that question is that the Cloud could save you money.


Essentially, ‘the Cloud’ is another way of saying, ‘the Internet’.  The name was inspired by the symbol used to represent the Internet in diagrams and flowcharts.


Cloud Computing – Basically, a hosting company or an IT managed services company, such as Next Digital, will invest a significant amount of time and money in procuring and building many powerful servers.  These servers are setup in a secured data centre and connected to the internet.  These servers can then be accessed from anywhere in the world that has internet access.


“I already know that computers connect to the internet.  How does that save me money?”


When you access a website, it connects to a server or a group of servers, connected to the internet. So one would say that you are accessing the Cloud when you load the webpage. This could also be said for something like an online banking website. It loads your banking application, presented as a website, but it is actually using cloud computing. 


Most, if not all, of the IT services that you currently provide to your employees from an onsite server infrastructure (e-mail, shared files and applications) can be moved into the Cloud.  The benefit of this is that you can provide all the same company services to your employees anywhere they have access to an internet connection.  Moving your infrastructure to the Cloud means that you won’t have the added cost of purchasing server hardware.  This can add up to significant savings.


If you are interested in looking at what savings the Next Digital Cloud Solution might provide to your company, or for information on IT support, please contact Next Digital.


-Article by Stuart, Account Manager at Next Digital