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At Next Digital, we have a comprehensive IT process that allows you to have a personalized experience that meets your business needs today and tomorrow. 

Thinking about making the switch?

Our on-boarding process makes it simple for you to transition from your existing IT services to Next Digital’s customized ones.

  • Detailed network assessment and documentation
  • Risk assessment
  • Introduction to support team
  • Learn about your existing IT environment
  • Become familiar with your business
  • Collect IT information
  • Prepare IT recommendations document
  • Present recommendations for sign-off
  • Create project
  • Schedule project phases
  • Execute project and sign off on project completion
  • Managed professional services
  • Regular scheduled site visits
  • Prompt remote support
  • Annual review

At Next Digital, our process works because we believe it’s about people even more than it is about computers.

That’s why we make sure we assign the right staff to each of our client accounts. And it’s why we blend our technical knowledge and people skills to give you the most accessible IT service possible. 

Personable, professional solutions for your IT issues.
That’s Next Digital.

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